GoodBye Middle School

I Promise writing 3 Blogs per week inshallah .. get ready .


Achievements …..

We really are giving it our all , I mean we all want to finish our last year at this school with the best we can , so we’re organizing the graduation ceremony & we’re working on our 2nd school movie & working our butt’s off for that perfect grade , so yeah ! .
So that we go to high school knowing we did everything we can . And summer is considered a very long period of rest for most of my friends .
Something that was on my mind lately was that , summer for me anyway was a way to start all of those language classes & training courses & so on , but i’m starting to realize that almost every friend of mine is leaving the country & going to all of these different countries .
which kinda of made me look at my self & say “ what have you done “ but then again this all will pay off sooner or later , but i’m not going to go all robo-crazy i will dedicate some days inshallah for Relaxation & entertainment & go outs with friends .

Hopefully i get to see my efforts pay off soon .. ! , which would be a real treat for me but i can wait i guess .

Sorry for not blogging for a long time , i’ve just been stressed .
Thanks to all of my wonderful readers .


Wow it’s been so long

i really need to get back to writing !


Heat .. Fashion .. Parents . 3 things that really don’t go well together.

Summer is starting to show up here in the Peninsula , heat , drought , practically anything related to an oven can be found nowadays .
it’s kinda of weird because it actually rained & it was quite humid a couple of days ago , And Saudi Arabia which is only 1500 KM away is suffering from floods caused be excessive rain mostly near Mountain ranges , And enormous pieces of hale ( ice ) falling down allover the place .

hmmm …. i’m watching a T.V series & there’s an Amazing outfit oh look there’s an even more amazing outfit .. but wait that’s like 5-4 layers of clothes ? , a T-shirt a shirt & then a coat or a jacket & the a scarf ? .. that’s not going to work for me here , all i can wear is a boring old T-shirt & sandals because of the stupid heat .. that is , if i sneak the t-shirt behind my parents back ! .
Sometimes you want something & you do get that something but in return you work your butt off trying to get it or maintain it , while someone else is actually being advised to do it & is being supported , i can’t believe my friend’s parent’s , they actually tell him to wear a T-shirt & jeans & to go buy an extra pair of shoes , they look at it from a different perspective they don’t think that by wearing jeans & shirts their actually destroying their sons reputation or making him unlikable or whatever , i fake who i am each & everyday , i show my self through my art & clothes but i just came to realize that both of those are being blocked by my parents , my very own support line is trying to kill my creativity .

I mean how could parents be so old & still be so immature & irresponsible & fearful of other people , if i ran this house everything would be so different , i would embrace my child’s talents & i would let him/her make his own decisions & let him learn from my own experience & not just give him money & strict rules ( rules not because they care for me but because they care for what other people think of me ) And i would do a million other things , if i had a child like me i would literally fall in love with him/her , now don’t get me wrong i’m not saying i’m perfect or unflawed but i’m way better than the crap i see in the usual Qatari Household .

I don’t know …. tell me your thoughts & Thanks for reading 🙂


Am i Alive ?

these days seem so dull , lifeless & colorless i mean is life just waking up going to school hoping you don’t get an F & going back to your home & sleeping your way thought everything prayers , events , just practically everything , & then waking up & being so distracted that you check the time & its already 3:00 AM !! .
I put my self to the test , it was 11:00 PM , i closed everything ( except the lights ) & started doing an 8 Page Handwritten H.W , what i would usually do : is ok let’s do it , I go looking for a pen & then i cross paths with the TV & forget that i was looking for a pen in the first place & start watching American idol , suddenly 1 hour has past by just like that & then i look over & see my laptop i go ahead & check my FB account & reply on everything & check out the new posts & updates that takes another 30-40 Min’s , oh what’s this i’m hungry ok i go & order some food ( by now it’s almost 2:00 AM ) i wait for the food & then eat & watch TV , until it’s 4:00 AM , ok so now 2 things happen i either lie to my self & say i’ll finish it before i go to school ( which is impossible ) or I lie to my self again & say the teacher is going to be absent or he’s going to have a freak accident or something or that he’s going to give me an extra day to finish it & if he did which rarely happens i will actually come back form school & sleep & watch TV & eat food until it’s 4:00 again , until i face reality & i go head on with the teacher & face that F , & that has been going on for months but not this time i actually finished that terribly long H.W , it gave me hope , knowing that ( inshAllah ) i can do what i want when i want if i put my mind to it & so can you 🙂
i just hope i can fix my life style up before high school .

Thanks guys

Happy birthday SIS !!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3


Wisdom {3/365}

I’m not sure why people complain about pressure i love pressure it makes me feel busy & useful not like some people i know , it’s a great way to practice your multitasking abilities , plus they are just for a limited time after school finishes half of what kept you busy is gone along with school , other than practicing your multitasking abilities it actually prepares you for what lies ahead by that i mean high school drama & collage stress , like i always say stay positive & try to be as productive as possible otherwise you’ll fall under the enormous loads & tasks of high school & collage , those who are being pressured right now are already building some kind of immunity to it , so the next time they get pushed they have a plane for it .

what i’m trying to say is ask for pressure don’t refuse & ignore it .

Thanks to all my readers .


My Adventure into another world / The Day Everything Changed {1}

This is my first made up story , so i hope you guys like it .

Hello my name is Eddy , i’m a normal teenage boy , who goes to school & does boring stuff , with your usual over protective parents , my Mom is a dentist & my father works in a diamond Factory ( i bet you’re thinking “ Woow diamond factory he’s a millionaire !! then “ , but he’s not he’s just an ordinary worker who checks up on the machinery & makes sure everything is running smoothly & correctly , then comes my brother Tom & sister Alex , Alex is a brainiac she’s always blabbing about science & saving pandas from extinction , Tom is a total goof he never takes anything seriously but that’s what makes him funny & unique , ohh i almost forgot muffins our cat , she’s the best cat ever with the weirdest fur coat it’s striped like a tigers’ coat , we think she’s related to a tiger ! , we live in Atlanta Georgia , in a small town called Mableton , old lady K lives next door & on the right are the Johnson’s with their creepy dog & don’t get me started on Mrs. K she’s as scary as hell !! , wrinkled old hands , clothes from the 80’s , i mean she’s like any other old lady but she was different , every time i was around her i had these weird vibes & the air suddenly turned cold , i go to a school called Parkside Elementary , i wasn’t the smartest kid around but i managed an average B+ which was good enough , and this is my story .

“ Eddy WAKE UP “ , my mom screamed , i said “ Mom the sun didn’t come out yet ! “ , “ come on Eddy why do we have to go through this everyday single say ? “ she said in a desperate voice , i gave up & got dressed & ready for school , “ hey midget “ said Tom , “ don’t listen to him , he’s just jealous “ replied Alex , i smiled & was on my out , heading toward the bus , i could still hear Tom & Alex arguing , then i remembered something , i ran back quickly gave my mom & dad a quick hug & then got into the bus , our bus was crowded as always , i sat next to my buddy Frank __ with fiery red hair , and freckles all over his cheeks & nose , he’s a pretty good friend __ “ heey Eddy how are you ? “ said Frank , i said in a weary voice “ i’m okay nothing really exciting to tell “ , we got to school & there she was Patricia Goldberg __ she has eyes as blue as the sea & skin as soft as a baby’s bottom & she always smelled so nice , like a nice hot waffle in the morning ! __ “ yo dude she’s looking at you “ said Frank in an surprised tone , i panicked “ m-m-me ? “ , i panicked & didn’t know what to do , before i asked frank for help i remembered how every time i ask for his help i end up in either a trashcan or the principles office , i waved with a pathetic grin , “ did you see that she waved back !!? “ said frank , i then said in a sarcastic way “ yes thanks for your observation “ , i finally got a reply ! but Frank was more excited for me than i was “ dude that’s great , this is just the first step , first a wave , then a date & then kaching-ching-bling-bling ( the sound of money ) , screamed frank , i said “ cool down buddy we’re still not sure , & could you keep it private , i don’t really want this story reaching the NY times ? “ Frank grinned & said “ sure don’t worry my mouth is shut “ , i know that a wave means nothing but it gave me some hope that there could be a chance of this working out in the future ! .

The bell rang & we all got back home , i opened the door saying “ i’m home “ no one was there , i didn’t panic at first but then i noticed Alex & Tom’ usual arguing was nowhere to be heard , okay now i started panicking , “ Mom dad !! where are you guys ? “ i shouted , as i was walking up the stairs i could her my mom & dad talking about something , i finally felt relief , i could hear them saying “ honey what are we going to do ? , i don’t know dear this is very hard for me too but they are going to have to cope with the changes “ i started thinking changes what changes , as i listened closer i heard them saying “ remember honey this is going to do us a world of good , yes yes i know but still “ i kept wondering what are they talking about ! but i was too tired to figure out what were they talking about so i went straight to bed , later in the evening i woke up & sat at the table with the rest of the family , i was still thinking of what my parents were talking about , “ So “ Alex asked “ what happened at school ? anything new ? , i said “ nope nothing new “ , then suddenly my mom said “ honey what about the thing we talked about “ my dad said “ oh yes about that , listen up kids i have an announcement “ then alex interrupted him & said in the most sarcastic way possible “ Announcement that means he has something to say Tom “ she explained to Tom as in Tom doesn’t know what an announcement is which i doubt , then my father said “ As i was saying , kids i have something big to say , so prepare your self “ we all started wondering what could be so important ? “ he said today i got a call from our partners in work & they are promoting me to chief worker & i agreed to take their offer “ we all said that’s great dad ! Tom said “ that means i get a car ! right ? “ i laughed at him & then my dad worried & said “ that’s not it , when i signed the agreement it said we will be moving “ at first we all thought well we’re just moving to the other part of town right ? he said “ No” then we said across the state ? he said “ No “ we said ACROSS THE COUNTRY ?? he said “ NO “ then we said where then __ we were panicking so much i started sweating __ he said ” we’re moving to the MIDDLE EAST ! “
to be continued .

Thank you people & Thanks for your everlasting support !
i hope you liked my first made-up story & if i you liked it & had positive thoughts about it i will continue writing it .
don’t forget to comment & rate & don’t forget to give me your thoughts about my new weekly photo !
Dedicated to my 2 readers
Mayed Abdullah Alremaihi
Abdulaziz Mohammed Alhothi

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